Monday, August 22, 2011

Our day!

Today we watched a video about a Mathemagican. He did really cool stuff like....He would have random people in the audience tell him their birth month and year and he would tell them the day of the week they were born on and he got all of them right!! Also, today we went to Art and we did lines such as angles, dots, dotted lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, and vertical lines.

We are still working on our book trailers. We saw a really good one for Gregor the Overlander. In math we worked on divisibility rules.

And that was our day!


Austin said...

I loved that mathemagican video that we saw!!!Haha I liked the music on that video with are bio- cubes.I love our buddy class.I loved the divisibles.Mr.Miller is so awesome because he teaches us a lot of every thing like math,science,reading,writing!!!
I love pe,music,library,art and computers.I hope we learn a lot about computers!!!

paul said...

Mr.Millers class is so cool and he is awesome because he lets us play games with us

Greg Stevens said...

How are you making and sharing book trailers? Our school is planning to do VoiceThread book reviews (possibly 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades). We'd love to view your book trailers when finished. We'd also be glad to share ours.

~~Olivia~~ said...

hi guys!
I remember watching mathemagican.
This year is going to be alot of fun for you guys!