Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pour Quoi Stories

Pour Quoi Stories are made up stories about how things or animals came to be, like for example,how the elephants got their trunks or how lava became hot and stuff like that. This is what we did,we first made a rough draft of the stories.Then we made our final copies. Then we typed it on the computer. After that we went on Google and we got to pick out a picture for our stories. So that's how we made our Pour Quoi Stories. The book of our stories will be in the school library.

You can read our Pour Quoi stories here.


Sierra S. said...

I took one of my old toothbrushes but I don't know whether or not to bleach it because it's been used. I think I'm gonna bleach it because I think it's gross that anyone is touching something I put in my mouth.

Taylor said...

the pour quoi stories were so fun i think mine was so so but they were cool !!!