Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spider - Pig

In a thrilling race, Spider-Pig narrowly defeated the porky champion representing Mr. Kostin's first grade class. Spider-Pig entered the race representing Room25online as the top fundraising fifth grade class. As a result PTO will reward us with a pizza party.
Spider-Pig was thankful to be in the race. He knows that everone at Walker is a champion.   


ariana said...

yay we won!

skyann said...

the pizza was good i fealt so good knowing that we worked for the party

Angela Gaona said...

Hi Mr.Miller it's Angela from last year! I miss the classroom so much!

Eddie677 said...

Hey mr.miller its me eddie remember me from two years ago. you should check out my blog

I hope you like it

Paola pulido said...

Lucky you guys won. we did not.will just going to say hi to Mr.miller. See you guys when you guys come for the trip for la cima.
p.s. do not make mr.miller mad!!!!!!