Thursday, February 4, 2010

French Colonization Of The New World

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Jeremiah said...

This wall is cool!!!!!!

the one in the back of the room braebrae said...

thursday is cool cause i got to go to the try outs for talent show for adri + juses and then my mom picked me up and went to tucson mall i went shopping !!!!! my fav thing !!!!! haha lol .

Samantha said...

Hey!! Have you guys done the American Revolution Play yet?? Well if you have email me at and tell me what part you were and why its so important to our history!
To the person that was John Hancock then I bow down to you!! I bow down to you because that's who I was so yeah!!!! let me know and email me as soon as you can thx and i'll talk to you guys real soon!! bye and don't bug Mr. Miller too much! have fun