Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Room 25 Online Zoo

The Sinocorse
The Hypno
The Liyd
The Snagon
The Liznky
The Goshi
The Giraffedragon
The Dango
The Wolf Dragon
The Eliminator
The Rocs
The Monk Liz
The Kangish
The Drizled
The Monkzilla
The Electtango
The Monrat
The Monkego

The Unagraph

The Devilfish

The Logigor

The Stinomeko

The Air

The Snow Bell

The Spider Snake

The Sporpian

The Fire

The Horse


Room 22 said...

Room 22 loved your slideshow presentation. You are all very creative and artistic. Your projects were colorful and interesting. Our class is motivated to complete this project also.

Mrs. Cunningham said...

Great work! I enjoyed trying to 'beat the slideshow' and figure out the combination of animals before the slide moved on.

Caleb C said...

I liked all the animals getting mixed together. It was kinda fun. It was just really funny with the Spider Scorpoin and all the others.

PFE said...

I teach 6th grade in Virginia. I can't wait to share your online zoo with my students and challenge them to create something as cool as your zoo. Looking forward to your next project!

Ed Tech Diva said...

I would LOVE to be your zoo keeper. I am just wondering, what do your animals eat?

Cooper said...

The slide show was awsome if you can make some more.

adrian said...

My favorite one is the fire

albert said...

i like the pictures that your class made.

Anonymous said...

Your online zoo is great.You guys are very creative.Keep up the great work and pay attention

Room A4 said...

Hi Room 25
What a great slideshow. I like the creative names that you have made up for your animals. You paid a lot of attention to detail in your illustrations!

Miss Lepou

noah said...

my sister Alex g loved the slideshow she said why didnt we do that.