Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Island of the Blue Dolphin

Watch for our epic blockbuster movies.
Coming Soon.
A tribe betrayed
A girl marooned on an island
Is rescue in sight?
Stay tuned for Island of the Blue Dolphin : The Movie


Wm Chamberlain said...

I hope you like the movie more than I did ;) The book is amazing though. I love how Scott O'Dell, the author, takes real events and fictionalizes them and makes them interesting to read.

Thank you, Olivia for visiting my class blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Miller's class! I really like your zoo.It is very creative.

Cooper said...

Mr.Miller so is video club every Monday or what.

$=$Jose$=$ said...

hey guys its Jose again just a hint on how to remember the similie and metaphore remember simile as"same as" and well then you know metaphore is not useing like or as any ways hello Mr.Miller really miss Walker and guys behave Mr.Miller WILL keep you out of the tunnel at the end of the year keep your grades up also and you can be in the tunnel anywho injoy fifth grade and injoy Mr.Miller well you have him I miss him as my teacher bye guys hope to see you next year at la cima!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

I loved the way u drew the people. They were sweet. I do not understand why you drew this amazing picture. If i were u, i would keep drawing and go pro.Keep reading son! Scott ODell is so cool and rights amazing books. I love him