Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Similies and Metaphors

Last night's homework was about similies and metaphors.
Metaphors are comparing phrases without like or as, for example.
My dad's car is a dinosaur.
A similie is a phrase with like or as, for example.
He is as busy as a bee.
We had to make up our very own for similies and metophors
and we also had to make a picture for our favorite similies.
Also, we had Picture Day today. We all had to have our pictures taken.
Bringing your news today are

-Olivia,Jordon,and Josh


kaylani said...

it was fun making the Funky Similie slide show

Wm Chamberlain said...

What a fun activity! I always like getting to see students' art work. Great job, students!

Mr Wood said...

What fantastic drawing, they really made think about the similes. Will you be making a Metaphor slide show?

room2 said...

I had a look at your post because I always like to check out children's writing. I hope you will find ways to use those similes in other writing too. Well done. Ms Donnell

Mrs. Smith said...

This is really fun. Interesting music! Our class has been working on Figurative language also. We should post our posters on our blog for you to see. Visit soon!

All things Great and Small said...

I enjoyed looking at your work. I though your art work was great and it illustrated your similes well. Thanks for sharing your work.
Miss Mac