Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Pig

Today we got an orange pig.We named him Super Pig. We have to race him against all the other grades. If we win, we get a pizza party.

We won him because we had the highest fifth grade fundraiser sales.

We also have to decorate it any way we want to. We are decorating it now. Right now all we have is a red cape and a super symbol.

The amazing pig race is on Friday, October 22, 2010 at our school. Stay tuned for a video of the race.

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Cooper said...

that is so cool hope you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan said...

I really hope we win the race! this is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!

Mrs. V.F class said...

EAT your owon pig Mr. Miller and WE WILL WIN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alexia said...

I hope we win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45-ers said...

To Mr. Miller's Class,

We are very sorry for the comment that was posted. Someone in our class posted it without asking the rest of us, and it was not how we all feel. We hope your pig does great! :)