Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Storybirds

These are the stories we wrote using If you would like to read more please click on our twitter or storybird badges to the right.

Cheesy and his Friends on Storybird
Some Things NASA Doesn't Tell You. on Storybird

Friends Not Teachers on Storybird


A TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!! :) on Storybird


Baby Face (Derrick) said...

Hey all of you guys and gals.I bet you all have heard of thw walk to La Cima. I was Just wondering when you guys coming so I could tell all the previes walker kids. Thanks.

Alexia said...

I like'd doing the storybird's!!

Kaylani and Alexia said...

me and Alexia had fun making the storybirds

Brianna ( from Mrs .Bechman's class ) said...

Makeing the the Storybird was fun !!!!!! I hope I can do it again !!!!

Olivia and Amber said...

Story birds are awesome.

katherine said...

that was so much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!