Thursday, May 12, 2011

Robert Kimmel Smith

Robert Kimmel Smith is the author of War with Grandpa, Chocolate Fever and other children's books. He visited our class yesterday to talk to us about his life as a writer.

Mr. Smith has lead a fascinating life. He said that he uses situations around him for book ideas. He observes and listens. Other advice he gave to kids who want to write included to write in your head first and to keep your sentences short and sweet.

We shared our book projects with him. It was an honor to have him visit.


noah said...

Robert Kimmel Smith' was funny you should ask him to come next year. :^)

Kayla said...

That sounds like fun. What else have you guys done? Well BYE!

Eddie said...

WOW! I L0VED those books when we read it with Mrs. V-F! It's AMAZING how you guys got to meet him!!

Hazel said...

Hahahaha Carlos always has to be in the mix !.!.!.! :P